Printing Press Artist Studios


Erika Molnar

Inspired by the natural world, Erika Baumgartner Molnar transforms fabric into quilts full of movement and light. She approaches the quilting process with the mindset of a painter, coaxing patterns with carefully chosen colors and introducing texture with stitching. Her current focus is on subtle ways creatures interact with light and air and water: making visible the currents trailing a bird wing, an eddy stirred up by a fish. The quilts invite attention to fleeting moments of wonder.


Here’s To You Tattoo

Here’s To You Tattoo is the parlor of tattoo artist Phoebe Aceto. Here she designs custom, professional, quality, safe tattoos. Appointment only, requires a consultation and deposit. Schedule via email


FluxWork Studio

Established in 2008, FluxWork is a communal jewelry studio with two locations in Ithaca, NY and Greenpoint, Brooklyn. More than just a workspace, the studios have become a community where artists come together sharing space and ideas.

FluxWork Ithaca is a productive and safe work space for aspiring jewelers and small works artists located Downtown surrounded by some of Ithaca's best shops and restaurants.

The Ithaca Studio is 500 square feet with many windows and wonderful natural light throughout the day. All students and members have access to bench space with shared tools.