10/17: Sashiko Visible Mending

10/17: Sashiko Visible Mending

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Date: Thursday, October 17th, 2019: 6:00-8:00pm

Location: 416 E. State Street - Loading Dock

Length of Class: 2 hours

Turn a rip or tear into a work of art with visible mending.  Join the slow-fashion movement and learn to repair and embroider your clothing.  You and your clothing will gain new life and new meaning.

In this workshop, we will:

  • learn Sashiko methods to visibly mend our clothing

  • test stitches on denim samples

The following supplies are included:

  • Mending Matters Book - optional

  • sashiko thread

  • sashiko needle

  • washable/temporary marker

  • denim pieces

  • washable adhesive tape

  • adjustable thimble

  • clear ruler

  • thread snips

What you can bring:

  • something that needs mending (we'll do our first lesson on scrap denim that I provide, but if you finish that in time you can move on to your own mending project)


  • none required

What you will go home with:

  • one piece of mending on a scrap piece of denim and a kit with all the supplies you'll need to go mend your heart out, as well as the book Mending Matters for endless inspiration.

Instructor: Natasha Keller of Clothes Horse Studio is a designer and artist living in the Finger Lakes. Having started out her career in the field of sexuality education, Natasha’s love of textiles and design eventually became her focus.  Over the past twelve years she has designed and produced her own line of women’s clothing, handbags, wallets and home accessories. She has worked collaboratively with a local boutique to design and produce an in-house line of women’s vintage-inspired dresses, while continuing to build her couture dressmaking skills through the creation of formal dresses and bridal gowns.  She has worked as a professional silk-screener, surface designer, model, writer and art curator. She brings a dramatic, elegant and eclectic aesthetic to all of her work.

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